IT PAYS to give deadbaits an extra boost to draw pike in to your swim. Instead of casting out and leaving your deadbait motionless on the bottom try occasionally twitching it as this can often trigger pike into taking your bait.

Here are four more ways of giving your deadbaits that extra boost to win more bites…

1 Stab the flank of a deadbait with a baiting needle or cut the head off to let the natural oils of the fish leak into the water.

2 Pike rely on visual signals as well as smell to find food, so add a brightly coloured bait flag to one of your treble hooks.

3 When twitching or wobbling deadbaits add a booby bead to your wire trace as this sends vibrations through the water as well as being a visual attraction.

4 Inject your deadbaits with oils or flavours to increase their smell and leakage. Just make sure you buy a winterised version which will disperse rather than solidify in cold water.