SIMON DAVIDSON has only just started specimen hunting and got his rudd checklist off to a brilliant start through some smart angling.


The 2 lb 10 oz fish you see above came in a big rudd hat-trick of three two-pounders… by avoiding greedy geese and smaller fish.

Kettering, Northamptonshire-based Simon, 38, added golden gravel pit beauties of 2 lb 6 oz and 2 lb 4 oz.

Simon told Angler’s Mail how he came to be fishing for big rudd.

“My background has always been predator and carp with a bit of pleasure fishing,” said Simon.

“The rudd were caught caught in smallest to largest order so my PB was broken three times and this year I’ve also had a perch PB of 4 lb 4 oz

“As well as the 2 lb rudd, I had around 30 fish between 1-2 lb in two sessions.

“I was struggling to pick out the bigger fish on traditional natural baits, getting very small rudd.

“The large rudd have also been very reluctant to feed off the surface and when I have tried to use floating bread, geese become a massive issue.

“I have tried bread under the surface, but I am getting a lot of bites which I can’t connect with, possibly from small rudd.

“I have resorted to feeding and fishing with pellets, feeding 2, 4 and 6 mm freebies and fishing a 6 mm hookable pellet.

“So far this has been most successful in picking out the bigger fish.

“I think the smaller fish are hitting the smaller pellets and the larger fish are able to pick out the bigger baits.

“I have also seen four or five very large rudd in the clearer shallow bays and the largest of these could be 4 lb. I have tried stalking them but they are very spooky.

“I also caught a 5 lb chub out of the tiny River Ise in Kettering in a short evening session in the same week. It came to a Dynamite Source boilie,” added Simon, whose rudd success came at a secret gravel pit.

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